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Smart HVAC control

"Home Access" app provides you complete HVAC control from anywhere in an energy efficient manner. Worried about internet connectivity? Not any more. Your app and appliances will still be accessible within your home in offline mode. The devices will continue functioning seamlessly and your usage data will be synced as soon as connectivity is resumed.

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Installation guide


Register Hub

User can see the option to add hub. My home > Home Setup > Add hub >


Scan QR of hub

Scan the QR code printed on the packaging of the hub device.


Register Switchboard

User can see the option to add switchboard. My home > Home Setup > Add switchboard>


Scan QR

Scan the QR code printed on the packaging of the switch device



Your smart home is ready

App Screenshot

Snapshot of your smart home

Home Access Dashboard

Snapshot of your smart home.

Switch Usage Stats

Energy consumption and projection info.

Set Schedule

Automate your timed “things”.

Set Sensor Conditions

Environment oriented decisions.


Smart home at your fingertips.

Set Switch Nicknames

Never forgot your switches.

Smart Ambiance Control

Set night, work, holiday, party, or “any” mode.

Rooms and devices

Hook up your things seamlessly.